dinsdag 7 juni 2016

Cyclic development, 17th May 2016

Sabrina, Frederik, Colin and Ambar were present on the 17th May to discuss the topic :

Association round :
Colin had to think of a football match that has a definite end and beginning, so that was an example for a linear action but he also talked about the emotion that goes with it. Where did it end and where did it start for the football match ? Colin also referred to the cycle of grief in which he sees a timeless cycle: –denial, - anger, - arguing, - depression, acceptance. Colin tells us that the cyclic nature of our environment leaves an impression on our genes and its inherent cyclic system. 

He also refers to the mentioned wave in the discussion and analyses it as a curve along a line….so he asks himself what would happen if we took out linearity. At the same time he is also convinced that linear things are more stressful.