maandag 4 mei 2015

Rhythm. What does rhythm mean to you ? 21st of April 2015

Present:  Otmar, Marjolein, Frédérique and Brad

As an ice-breaker I brought along a holography of a walking elephant

The remarkable thing about the postcard was and still is,…that if you move it or look at it from different angles it appears as though the elephant is walking. In big German letters it says : Geh deinen Weg ! Which means: Go your way ! I let all my guests look at the card for some time and reflect on what they saw…then we started with the association round:
We heard music, dance, salsa, percussion, rhythm that is in the air, spring winter summer autumn, rhythm without music, trill, sound, rhythm in nature, repeating beat…and came close to a definition:
Rhythm is any recurring motion, symmetry

this can be in nature or in man/woman made strong or weak elements, or it can be opposite or different conditions…it is a periodicity of frequencies…and the interesting thing about it is….the TIME aspect. As the topic itself came forth from our previous meeting with “TIME” as topic,…here we were back at the correlation of Rhythm and Time. Rhythm aspects can pronounce themselves in Microseconds OR: millions of years. This brings our human nature