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Refering to our conversation with Bernadette, Rudi, Gert-Jan and Brad about the implications of Plato’s vision in the Myth of ER (The Republic).(Tuesday, 21 st July 2015)
What is virtuous ?
We know that our choices are not always conscious.
Mistakes are on the way – they are part of a learning process.
Is there a blueprint for happiness ?
What does a fully flourishing humanity entail ?
Having a deep understanding takes away full responsibility.
Virtue is a form of control. But how I (Bernadette) interpret it is: there is a difference between selfish and self-full. Living a life to the fullest,...having the chance and opportunity to live it up to one’s own needs. Then not having to think: the grass is always
greener on the other side.

Our intuition is influencing us all the time. There is something coming from very deep. Something that is far bigger than we are. It is part of a total unity and gives freedom. Can we grow this intuition ? Can we make it stronger ?
We are the observer behind us – this awareness lets us see: innate wrong or right,…yet there is so much external influence. There is so much conditioning….only if we learn to consciously see this condition, we will be able to live our life more according to our own will.  Who decides what is right or wrong ? In the (outer judicial circumstance) I as an individual make the decision of right and wrong. This choice is determined by a feel good factor (or bad )and a feeling of gratefulness.
If everything is love,…then true love is the key…maintaining this position leads us away from the original sin,….there is then no guilt. Our action determine the karma,…when we are most happy our own dogma leads us into the truth and rightful action.
But then, there is this other side of dogma. Wanting something too much will lead into realising that the most wanted thing is not reachable. Because we want something so much,…we forget to let go,…to let things develop freely , we hold on to something and stiffen the process. The art is to always  let things flow and always lay our heart and soul into the claws of god so that the universe can roll on and is not disturbed by some stiff and breaking action. Probably if we hold on to something too hard and forget about the uncertainty factor our will comes into conflict with the eternal will and it loses the smooth and soft development. We will always lose the game against fate,…if we accept that we are smaller and we become completely humble then we will envision the holy plan some times. We will be part of it and we will not be manipulator.

Because our EGO leads us away from the source.
We can still be observing and sensing keeping in touch with our own ‘goodness’. If we want to prosper we need to give unconditional love and when making wrong decisions we will see that this is part of a learning process. We can get into the spindle of self development,…evolutionary (with fully flourishing humanity as a goal),…and along the way we will find :

LOVE,…different levels of love.

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