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Cosmos & Earth 13th April 2016

Intro: The etymological source tells us that cosmos goes back to order, right order, gracefulness, jewels and even the plant cosmos that grows in clean air. It also goes back to world order or order in a particular state. In antique history one of the first ones to use this word and describe reality with it was Pythagoras who was obsessed with numbers, saw this order of numbers in everything,…the harmony of the spheres and also the harmony in other relations. The earth was something they were discovering and starting to understand in numbers and other comparisons. The cosmos
was something completely foreign to them, yet still by creating this thought of the harmony of the spheres Pythagoras matched a link to the untouchable, to the mystery, to the unknowable. On earth as a person he also believed in reincarnation which included for him to live a good life in order to come back as a good person. He proclaimed vegetarianism, self-discipline, sobriety and abstention.
Conslusion: My guests started out with locating and describing whether or not we were connected to the two of them. Our COSMOS and our planet THE EARTH. Most of the attention went to the topic of cosmos at first and also an ethical remark came almost as a confirmation from that side of outer space. Then we came full circle back to our planet THE EARTH and there were some heavy insights about her state of health. Yet in total disconnectedness to the cosmos and with the same objectivity humankind was completely responsible for what they did and our planet THE EARTH would survive anyway,….with or without us. On the other hand we had a more hopeful voice in the group that reminded us of the concept of evolution. A. feels very connected to the cosmos and the earth and sees a future in which farmers and Phds,…people of all classes, colours and races evolve to another level…
Is our understanding of the Earth then more important ? Or do we need to know more about the cosmos ? If as one of my guests says the Earth has cancer,…she could be healed, but is seriously threatened,…maybe then our intention to go to outer space and find places there to live on should be the thought over. We could invest more into space technology and learn more about the order of the cosmos so as to apply it to our own precious planet and heal her.
In the association round A said that for her the cosmos was inside and outside, especially when asleep or when dreaming she felt she was more part of the cosmos since then she was not aware of her body. She said that she was more connected with the cosmic order when sleeping….and we as human being were just another frequency in the whole cosmos. After all we were functioning differently when asleep. Healing e.g. was also easier when not thinking so much. After a few comments from the male front A changed her mind and resumed that we were also connected to the cosmos when awake.
Ambar assumed that there were two truths which were distinct from each other. The one he recalled was that the cosmos was complete chaos and the other was that it was uniform, all the laws according to physics, gravity and space-time. There is cosmic order in everything, just like the example of the fractal shows….in the big and in the small it’s always the same principles. And then he brings in an ethical note : Good / Bad the Universe does not care…
Mike starts out with chemical elements. He talks about the existence of helium/hydrogen and then finally carbon,….without which we as a compete humankind could not have come into existence. He says that it was a pretty unromantic notion,…and just like Amber he confirmed : The universe does not care about humans,….the only thing that matters is the objective!
For Brad the current view of the universe is extremely limited, considering the discovery of x-fields and dark matter. Yet of course the earth is part of the cosmos. We have different versions of the universe but we don’t know how to understand it anymore….space-time does not exist anymore the way we thought it was.
On the other hand Ambar reminds us that compared to 100 years back or so we know much more and it is reliable. Mike refers to the Big Bang and in his opinion people like to fill in gaps so as if it were necessary to make the analogy that GOD was behind the Big Bang. Then A assures us that we have a cosmos inside of us as well and that caring for planet Earth is a revolutionary thing. The more we know about our own planet the more we care.

Thinking more about Earth Ambar also commented about a connection he knows still from his own tradition: Humans are cremated and descend or ascend ….so one’s own body is Earth,…and Ambar continues: “so I could be a flower after I am gone”. Brad finds this thought very reassuring. Ambar adds to the thought: …”we are all molecules and as time progresses it gave me  better grasp of what my being is”.
Michael says that our planet THE EARTH has cancer and that there are so many things still we don’t know about her; we can even cause our own destruction, but GAIA does not care one bit. Human beings usually overshoot their own importance.

“But doesn’t the Earth’s cancer make us hedonistic ?” asks Ambar (question stays open)
Brad continues with the observation that we as people have a much less close relation to immediate environment and A hopes that we are moving into a direction of an evolution for everybody.

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