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Energy 19 th April 2016

The energy that keeps the cosmos moving manifests itself in ever changing patterns: energy becomes matter, matter becomes energy; this happens in such a complex way that our eyes cannot see or isolate this ongoing stream of change. All matter comes into existence out of what was before.

So what does cause and effect mean concerning energy ?
Is there a way to become the observer of this ongoing transformation of energy ?
What does speed have to do with humans dealing with energy ?
What is behind this mystery ? 

Energy keeps the cosmos moving. Ambar thinks that from an individual stand point of view energy gives you the capacity to do things…behind which we have the question : “Do I have the energy to do this ? “ Whilst at the same time energy from a physical law description always goes to the lowest state of energy. He transfers this thought to politics and brings an example: “Big governments with too much regulations break up, become smaller and people resort to lower systems.”
Hugo on the other hand starts out with natural physical laws and obviously refers to the sun as the one and only energy for our planet Earth without which (1 h would be enough) everything on this planet would vanish. So yes, E=mc2 and yes there is a personal touch to it as well. Hugo says that food is energy source number…

Ambar and Hugo have a double facetted look on the topic, which is big and small, sun and individual, physical law and political/social systems.
Another interesting thought comes in when Hugo says that energy is not lost. At the same time he wonders where the energy of the sun goes that does not reach our planet. He comes with another example : “Is the light from a light bulb wasted because we do not benefit from its warmth in one way or the other ?”
When Ambar refers to the parallel of how nature works and how we work we get to a deeper level, also more individual. Our senses – originating from that same physical energy flow – can forecast weather situations precisely if we are trained or educated to do so. It depends on how sharp and how well we pay attention to the process.
Cause and effect : According to Hugo energy is an ongoing process, which entails that there is complexity in simplicity. Ambar thinks that there is complexity in energy and form whether they are changing or static.

Then Hugo tells us the Sufi story of  a boy who got a horse. It was a little village and he was happy to ride the horse. Then one day he fell off the horse and broke his leg so his father and the whole village thought it was so unfortunate but when the soldiers came to that same village to take all the young men to war except the boy his father was happy…and so was the boy…etc. cause and effect…

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